Blogging: And not going over your head.

Hey everyone,

If you have tried to visit my old site at, you should notice that it isn’t available anymore. Well, there are a few reasons it isn’t available at all.

  • MobileMe – I formerly used MobileMe for web hosting purposes because I got it for free. How? I signed up the weekend before Apple announced its shutdown to new customers. It ceases June 30th.
  • Domain issues – While worth another entry by itself, was giving me issues with my domain name. Now, they are good but they are slow when it comes to transferring with other servers.
  • Server issues – due to the domain issue, I could not get a hosted version of WordPress to work under my domain name. I was with Site5, but have since revoked my membership with them. I currently await a refund.

So, here we are. Back to using a hosted, limited blog. And I am currently out $80 for server/domain registration. Once I get the server fees back (not for domain), I may host elsewhere.

But why would I want to do that? With the seemingly frustrating experience I have had the past few days, I certainly have learned a couple things.

  • Patience – when working with third party clients, this is something really important to have. But in the ultra-fast world we live in, patience is not something we think about when dealing with technology. For example, to get my domain properly transferred to Site5 would have taken 48-72 HOURS. Yes, hours. Not exactly something you want to hear when you see “Have your site up and running within minutes!”. Ultimately, I think this is the biggest reason I withdrew from Site5 and GoDaddy. Who wants to wait when there are options right in front of you?
  • The Technology – using is certainly NOT for everyone. I liked it because of the control I have over my page – it is great. But as I said, look at the options first before spending $65 on remote server space. God forbid something were to happen, I would be out $65 which isn’t bad, but I have a lot more uses for that $65.
  • Compatibility – well, unless you want to SSH into your server, editing on the go isn’t easy (unless you have a laptop). But for me (who loves using iOS to replace my laptop), having compatibility to this level is cool. While there are certainly many issues with WordPress for iOS, getting it up on the site is what counts.


Well, I think that will cover it for now. I will start posting to Facebook, and I will slowly add some of my better articles back to this page.


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