Well, where do I begin?

My classwork has been going quite smoothly. I’m enrolled in 5 classes:

  • Modernism
  • Realism
  • Business Writing
  • Intro to Media Arts
  • General Computer Applications

    The day is blocked off to have four classes M/W/F and one T/Th class. So far, this is working. I enjoy all of my classes, but some are tougher than others. The only class I really need to stay on top of is Modernism, due to the readings and papers I must write.

    General opinion of campus: still mostly the same. A bit of updating has been done to Russell House, which is nice. However, I don’t understand why it is so hard to avoid the noise, even in the furthest corner of the building. Sure, having your act seems like a great idea, but it just become annoying, since the act (which is outside on Greene Street) can be heard throughout ALL of RH!. As a result, I’ve had to seclude myself to the Thomas Cooper basement. Which is another thing … I’m surprised there are this many people here already. It’s nice to see people actually want to get some work done, but it wasn’t like this two years ago.

    I’m probably in the same field as everyone else; trying to get some work done through lunch. But at this rate, school is going to become my only job

    The people just keep getting stranger and stranger…

    Until I think of something more substantial, see ya later.

    If you’re one of the 3 people who will read this at some point, thanks for reading.

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