My iPod timeline

I just feel like writing spontaneously about my iPod collection. I feel rather nostalgic so bear with me.


2003: The first time I ever saw an iPod. It was a 2nd generation iPod, 5GB storage. Did not have the buttons like the 3rd gen.

2004: Saw a third generation another teacher at my middle school had. Saw them in Circuit City’s. Also saw my “friend” Bruce get a 60GB Photo iPod from his parents for no reason. Kids in Trumbull, CT often don’t get tons of attention from their parents. That’s a fact.

2005: I got my very first iPod for my 12th Birthday. It was a 30GB Video model, in white. Greatest thing ever. This was my true “WOW” moment with Apple. Then..

2006: Someone broke into my gym locker and stole my iPod. Must have seen me put it in a spot in my backpack. Because whoever took it was dumb enough to show that they moved my zipper compartment around. R.I.P. This is also when my parents decided they would no longer buy electronic devices for me. Fair enough, cause it’s my fault anyway. I couldn’t say anything to the school officials, because iPods weren’t allowed in school.

2007: I finally have enough money saved up to get a 8GB iPod nano in black. 2nd generation. Was awesome, if not more so, but still didn’t feel quite right. Liked my old iPod better, but welcomed the new change, since I couldn’t afford the bigger sized iPod.

2008: Get a Blackberry Pearl 8130 for Christmas. My first smartphone. Also got Unlimited Data for $30-Month, which to this day I still have.

2009: Saved up enough money to get an iPod Classic 120GB from Amazon. Welcome back, old friend.

2010: Graduation! Went through 4 Blackberries in the past 2 years. One died while I was on vacation, so I purchased my first Android phone, the Motorola Droid (OG). Can you believe that thing can run ICS?! Also acquired my first laptop (and current laptop); a 2010 Macbook Pro 13′ model. Got a 32GB iPod touch alongside that due to the educational promotion. That’s right, I have all of those devices at this point in time. Holy cow.

2011: Sell iPod touch. Made $79 off it (sold for $179) which is great, since it can’t run iOS 6! Sold iPod classic on Craigslist, which to this day I regret. I will buy one again though. And I did, a 40GB iPod photo. Had to sell it in a week due to financial troubles with a side-business I was running. Got the money back on that.
Fast forward to September: I break my Android (accidentally) and purchase my first iPhone! Got the iPhone 4 32GB, 4S was announced 2 weeks later. Not a big deal, because the 4 is FAR more hackable. Took 4S users a while to get JB, so I enjoyed the iOS 5 goodness AND Cydia. Thanks jailbreakers!

2012: Obtained iPad in July. Incredible. Current gen, 32GB Wi-Fi. PDANet tethering on iPhone 4 makes this a win-win-win. Do I expect anything else this year? No. I may get an AppleTV for christmas, but that is a long shot.

2013: I hope to be one of the first to get the iPhone 5S/whatever they call the next iPhone. No iPhone 5 for me this time around! Maybe I will get re-acquainted with the 120GB Classic.


Status on ALL Devices I have owned at some point in time:

  • iPod 5G 30GB: STOLEN
  • iPod Nano 2G 8GB: LOST
  • BlackBerry Pearl 8130: INACTIVE (broken)
  • iPod Classic 120GB: SOLD
  • Motorola Droid 1: INACTIVE (used for testing)
  • Macbook Pro: ACTIVE
  • iPod Touch 32GB 3rdGen: SOLD
  • iPod Photo 40GB: SOLD
  • iPhone 4 32GB: ACTIVE
  • iPad 32GB Wi-Fi: ACTIVE
  • iPod Shuffle 3rd Gen: MISSING (somewhere in my house)


I realize how obsessive I seem over these devices, but I really do appreciate what I have. I help out other whenever I can; I have done my share of community service over the past few years. Seeing other people truly appreciate something as simple as you painting their house, or shoveling gravel into wheelbarrows, making a garden, tutoring, whatever, will alter your perspective on life. It makes you stop and think about what is important. Are these devices important to me? Yes, and I am grateful to be in a situation where I can afford these things.

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