So, I made some iOS Tones.

Hey everyone,

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, I decided to mess around with some audio files from a favorite game of mine, Postal 2. Normally, games have proprietary formats (for whatever reason), so I used File Juicer to extract some of Postal Dude’s dialogue to the desktop. Then, using this guide, I created SMS Tones.

To start off, I only created tones for a few sounds. Extracting the game, I found thousands of sound files. I will update the below file over time with more tones. Enjoy!

Click the link below to download. Once you extract the ZIP, all files have already been converted, so just drag, drop into iTunes, and sync. That easy. (Compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 5 and higher)


EDIT: When you import one of those files into iTunes, you need to re-name it (in iTunes). Not sure why it’s happening. It’s annoying, but the tone itself works just fine. Will look into this later. Must haz sleep.

(P.S) – for anyone wondering about the legality of this…read the README in the downloaded ZIP.

(P.P.S) – If you don’t know how to change your SMS tones… Launch Settings < Sounds < Text Tone < File synced. Make sure you check Sync All Tones in iTunes.

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