My Future:

So, now that I am nearing the end of my fifth semester (wow, a lot of semesters under my belt), one cannot help but starting thinking about the future. I mean, with only three semesters left, you’d think I know exactly what I want to do with myself once I graduate.

And you’re right.

I will be graduating in May 2014 from the University of South Carolina, with a B.A. in English, and a minor in Business Administration. Now, you might be thinking what I think you are thinking; “English Major? What are you going to do with that, be a teacher?”

This is the number one response I get when I tell people my major. I used to let it irk me, but now, I view this question in a more positive outlook: “What can’t I do with my major?” Really. Go Google: “What can I do with an English Major?”. You will be incredibly surprised  at what you will find. Now, as with anything, there are exceptions. I would not think in a million years I could be a chemist with a B.A. degree, nor a chef, nor a hair stylist. These are all specialties, and the latter two require formal training at special academies. 

As far as what I want to do, I want a technical writing job. Or several. Putting together guides in an easy-to-understand manner is something I have enjoyed for quite sometime; more recently with my iOS guides.

Of course, landing a technical writing job that pays enough for me to live very comfortably (above $60-70K) will not come right out of college. I’m more than aware of today’s job market, despite the research from Bloomberg about jobless claims. I know that when I earn my degree, I will be living at home for quite some time, and may be working 3 jobs just to save up money, and pay off my student loans. 

You know when they say “mind over matter”? I believe that what you do with your degree is just like this: YOU make the most of it. YOU need to get comfortable with your situation, whether a top firm hires you straight out of college, you attend grad school, or you’re stuck living with your parents and working for minimum wage.

Life happens. Get comfortable, because the roller coaster called life has barely left the station.

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