A Quick Note about the new Wacom Intuos tablets

For those a little out of the loop in the digital graphics world, Wacom announced a major refresh in their line of graphic tablets. Previously, Wacom’s entry level tablets were known as Bamboo; they are now Intuos. The former Intuos line, designed for professional use, are now Intuos Pro.

The new Intuos line has been redesigned from the ground up, and comes in a lovely silver and black finish. Honestly, for “alum-heads”, or those who love matching aluminum products with their computers (mostly Macs), it’ll look gorgeous on your work station. There are three entry level models to chose from: The Wacom Pen and Tablet model for $79, the Pen and Touch model for $99, and the Manga edition, also for $99. To newcomers, such as myself, this may seem a bit confusing, so allow me to explain a little better.

  • The $99 Manga edition is simply the Pen and Touch model bundled with animation software, to “inspire” those interested in anime drawing.
  • The $99 Pen and Touch model comes with a very different stylus than the Pen only model, and also comes with additional software, such as Photoshop Elements, Sketchbook Express, and ColorEfex WE3. The $79 Pen only model DOES NOT come with any of this software listed.
  • The $79 Pen and Tablet model does not support any form of touch; your only way of interacting with the tablet is through the pen and hotkeys.
  • For $199, you can buy a Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch Medium, which sports a bigger surface area. This may help artists used to sketching on paper make a transition to digital sketching.
  • If you want a new Intuos tablet right now, head to your local Best Buy. At least in my area, they aren’t flying off the shelf and had a good selection.
  • Unlike Intuos Pro, the regular Intuos line is NOT wireless out of the box. You must purchase a $39 wireless kit if you want this feature. Personally, I’d invest in a longer MicroUSB to USB cable first.

My next article will be comparing the new Intuos Pen and Tablet model to the Pen and Touch Model. Lucky for me, I have owned both, but returned one. To read the comparison, go here (link coming shortly)

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